In Shula Bryski's words...

I've always loved writing. Loved writing attention-grabbing beginnings. For over a decade I've edited, written letters and crafted speeches; it is pure fun and enjoyment for me. I enjoy the research, whether it's finding out more about the birthday girl, or reading about what people tend to focus on when facing their mortality. And I mostly enjoy giving each write-up a personal feel that touches the audience. There are so many universal milestones (birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals) and emotions (love, joy, grief, yearning for meaning) and so many ways to experience and talk about them.

As a Rebbetzin I've had the opportunity to participate in many of these life cycle events in our community. Seeing spirituality through the lens of new and seasoned travelers has been one of my deepest, richest experiences and colors my writings. I embrace the challenge of offering a speech to you that is truly aligned with your style and your goals in impacting your audience!

A prolific writer and thinker, Shula Bryski enjoys exploring the deeper dimensions of life. She has created one-of-a-kind bookclub curricula and Happiness workshops that have been used internationally and has lectured all over the states addressing a wide range of people including the Jewish Federation's annual Leadership Summit and Women's Circle of Palm Beach Island. She is on the Editorial Board of the Rosh Chodesh Society and teaches three ongoing adult education classes. An accomplished pianist, her favorite pastimes include playing classical music and laughing with her six children. Her reflections inspire her speech-writing. You can read some of her writings on her blog and

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