Rent A Speech

Eulogy -  7 minutes


"G-d created us human beings hardwired for spirituality, to seek meaning, yearning to know that we matter. That yearning extends to our loved ones, to know that they matter, especially when they leave this world. We don’t want them to be forgotten. But how to remember? What will endure for the coming generations?"


This speech explores our feelings of grief upon losing a loved one and our need to know they will be remembered. It also touches on the departed soul's experience in the next world; being reunited with other loved ones and examining its life when it was enclothed in a body. Unlike in this world, up in heaven the currency is not about money, achievements or fame; it is the spiritual work- the goodness, kindness and courage done in this lifetime- that is celebrated. The body is just a shell, we are reminded. We certainly have to take proper care of it, but we must also not make it our sole focus. It is a home for our soul, and a powerful tool through which to accomplish good in this world.